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    Home IoT and Domotics

    All my life I have been building stuff with electronics and computers. My desk at home is full with wires, resistors, sensors etc. Always repairing…

    First we have agile development, now comes agile testing

    In today’s society companies are continuously adapting. It wasn’t that long ago that the gap between IT companies and non IT companies was relatively big.…

    We have something to celebrate! Join our party.

    We have something to celebrate! Mendix is selling our innovative Test & Performance Software as part of Mendix 7.0. A good reason for a party.

    A trainee's first week at Mansystems

    Hi there! My name is Jeroen Appel. I started working as a Junior Consultant for Mansystems Netherlands B.V. only one week ago. In this short story I will…

    Big data - Big Brother is watching you!

    Nowadays, we can gather a lot of data. With IoT (Internet of Things) even more. Is it a good thing that we know everything or should we be scared of…

    Boost your service organisation: Turn right, Shift-Left

    Are your end-users bypassing or loathing your self-service portal? Is your service desk overloaded? Are your service desk agents bored answering the same…

    Mendix 7 to build apps at the speed of ideas

    At Mendix World 2016 the latest and greatest release of Mendix is announced. In this blog I will present my view on the new features and why they are…

    Look before you leap

    My mom used to say this to me as a child: “First think, then act.” I often think of this motto ‘look before you leap’ when creating software solutions.

    IoT - Service with a human touch

    1990 – H2H
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