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    We have something to celebrate! Join our party.

    We have something to celebrate! Mendix is selling our innovative Test & Performance Software as part of Mendix 7.0. A good reason for a party.

    A trainee's first week at Mansystems

    Hi there! My name is Jeroen Appel. I started working as a Junior Consultant for Mansystems Netherlands B.V. only one week ago. In this short story I will…

    Big data - Big Brother is watching you!

    Nowadays, we can gather a lot of data. With IoT (Internet of Things) even more. Is it a good thing that we know everything or should we be scared of…

    Boost your service organisation: Turn right, Shift-Left

    Are your end-users bypassing or loathing your self-service portal? Is your service desk overloaded? Are your service desk agents bored answering the same…

    Mendix 7 to build apps at the speed of ideas

    At Mendix World 2016 the latest and greatest release of Mendix is announced. In this blog I will present my view on the new features and why they are…

    Look before you leap

    My mom used to say this to me as a child: “First think, then act.” I often think of this motto ‘look before you leap’ when creating software solutions.

    IoT - Service with a human touch

    1990 – H2H

    8 Reasons why you should jump on the holacracy train

    You know those meetings where you need a concise decision on a certain topic. You planned half an hour for the meeting. After two hours you are still…

    A Day In The Life… Of Joost Stapersma

    My name is Joost Stapersma and I work as a Mendix Business Engineer at Mansystems Nederland B.V. By writing this short story I would like to describe my…
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