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    Wouter van Dee

    Wouter van Dee started working for Mansystems in 2004 as a consultant. Through the roles of migration specialist, product owner and product manager, he is now responsible for the delivery of all projects, product, service and maintenance within Mansystems. Wouter strongly believes in an agile way of working and believes that the benefits reach far beyond software development.

    IoT - Service with a human touch

    1990 – H2H

    Agile lifecycle - The support side of life

    RECAP In my previous blog, ‘Agile lifecycle – The project side of life‘, I explained the benefits of the agile way of working in projects. Transparency,…

    Agile lifecycle - The project side of life

    Although iterative software development goes way back to the 1950’s, in the early 90’s the Agile Software Development group understood that a waterfall…
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