Tanja van der Krabben

    Tanja van der Krabben is Mendix Partner Manager at Mansystems. As a Partner Manager, she is continuously involved in Mendix projects from an HR, project management and quality management perspective.

    De gemeente wijst de Rotterdammer snel de weg naar het juiste loket.

    meebewegen op de energie van de stad. Gemeente Rotterdam heeft de grootste ICT-afdeling in gemeenteland en werkt met de meest geavanceerde technologieën…

    Do you think we deserve to win?

    Do you think we deserve to win? Support our nomination for Computable’s 2018 “Training Center of the Year” and vote today!

    3 ways to meet your Mendix App release deadline this summer!

    Everyone is looking forward to the summer, except developers and product owners who have looming project deadlines. Application development continues,…

    Celebrating another Mansystems initiative. Help me recruit!

    Last year, right after the summer, I wrote a blog on how happy I was to join this company that is celebrating success. This summer, we have launched a…

    We have something to celebrate! Join our party.

    We have something to celebrate! Mendix is selling our innovative Test & Performance Software as part of Mendix 7.0. A good reason for a party.
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