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    Joris van der Heijden

    Joris van der Heijden is a Test Consultant and Trainer at Mansystems. As a Test Consultant he oversees the Scrum process, helps to create high-quality user stories, is responsible for test design, execution and automation at all relevant levels and aids customers in the design and execution of user acceptance tests. As a Trainer, he teaches Agile/Scrum, Software Testing Fundamentals and Test Automation and Performance Testing using tools developed by Mansystems.

    Mendix ATS - The answer to your manual testing problems.

    When you are developing applications in an Agile manner, continuing to rely on manual testing simply doesn’t make the grade anymore. It’s easy enough to…

    Test automation in a Mendix environment: neither pyramids nor ice cream cones

    Automation as a part of a test strategy is a solid business case in most, if not all, traditional development teams, regardless of development method,…
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